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Being a pop star is a lot more stressful than it used to be. First Justin Bieber pooped out because of stress. Not it’s Shawn Mendes’s turn.

Mendes, 23,  just posted an announcement to Twitter that he’s canceling the next three weeks of shows citing mental fatigue. That’s eleven shows. “I’ve reached the breaking point,” he says.

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I went to the very first Shawn Mendes show at the Nokia Theater in New York several years ago. He was a nice kid with good songs. I thought he’d be like James Taylor.

But the star making machinery really over took him. He became a pin up boy, with a celebrity girlfriend, tabloid subject, almost over night. All his songwriting became part of the collaborative machine that makes all singers now sound alike. I’m not surprised he’s exhausted. How long can you keep all that up?

In the old days, pop stars retreated into drugs and booze. So I’m glad that this generation is smart enough to see the forest fore the trees and step away from the limelight before it scorches them.

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