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This is our youth: Shawn Mendes is 16 and his first album is being released in April. Today he announced the release of the album, called “Handwritten,” on the Today show. On his website, you can pre-order a $40 special edition with a 60 page book and three bonus tracks.

I guess it would one thing if “Handwritten” had already come out, been a hit, and there was some clamor for a souvenir. But isn’t a little avaricious to offer this before anything’s actually happened? I guess parents will buy this thing for their daughters the same way they get them $200 Beats headphones and $400 iPhones. Shawn’s people are probably smart in their marketing.

I’ve seen Shawn Mendes live, twice– once at his own show at the Best Buy Theater, and then again at the Jingle Ball. He has the potential to be a break out star. Tall and good looking, with a lot of acoustic songs and an earnest demeanor, Mendes is the anti-Bieber. Plus, the girls love him. He also has smart parents from Toronto who aren’t going to wind up with a kid constantly settling criminal complaints.

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