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Kevin Spacey may have finally been backed into a corner he can’t get out of.

Federal New York judge Lewis A. Kaplan says “Rent” actor Anthony Rapp’s civil suit against the two time Oscar winner can go forward despite the alleged incident taking place in 1986. Rapp says that back then when he was just 14 Spacey attacked him.

The judge says that Rapp sufficiently alleges that Spacey acted to gratify sexual desire during an encounter at a Manhattan party. Rapp has alleged that Spacey placed a clothed Rapp on a bed and briefly put his own clothed body partially beside and partially across Rapp’s before Rapp “wriggled out,” got up, and left the premises.

Spacey is also facing multiple charges in London. Last year he himself wiggled out of a case on Nantucket that the alleged victim’s mother says was dismissed without a settlement payment.

But Rapp isn’t likely to dismiss, recant, or settle. He’s pursuing something from a long time ago, he doesn’t need any money, and he’s sure of his accusation.

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