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The movie audience has spoken. They’ve sent a message to Sony Pictures: Please, no more “Morbius.”

For some reason, Sony put the failed Marvel adventure back into 1,000 theaters this weekend after it had trickled down to just 83.

The result was a $300,000 weekend, meaning Sony made half of that. Very people went to see the already well-played film. On Friday and Sunday, the average per theater was $82. It was a little better on Saturday, with $125.

But the experiment was a waste of time. It also engendered a lot of ribbing on social media. As I told you Saturday, even the movie’s star, Jared Leto, mocked the idea of a sequel.

“Morbius,” a spin off from the Spider Man universe, will likely get cut back down size this Friday before ending its unheralded run just south of $74 million.

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