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Here’s a Hollywood headscratcher.

For some reason, Sony put “Morbius” back in theaters last night. They went up to 1,037 screens from 83. This was after 64 days in release that produced an anemic $73 million.

And the result? They made $82 per theater last night for a grand total of $85,000. Well, half of that went to the theaters, so they really made $42,500.

What happened? You can only ponder that Marvel insisted on it because this was a rare failure for their universe. But still…

And then, to make matters worse, star Jared Leto posted a video mocking the idea of a sequel. He’s thumbing a screenplay for “Morbius 2: More Morbin’.” And underneath plays the music from “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” It’s written by a Dr. Seuss character, Bartholomew Cubbins. Genius.

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