Home Celebrity Johnny Depp-Amber Heard Verdict Will Be Read at 3PM: Watch Here

We’ve finally reached the end of the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial. The verdict will be read here at 3pm.

How will it go? Depp fans have conducted a massive campaign against Heard online. Will it matter to the jury? Endless stories about Depp “winning in the court of public opinion” may swing against him.

If Heard loses, she loses everything. Her career is finished. Depp’s career has been dented but if he wins, he could walk out of this mess. If he loses, he really loses.

Just to recap: after a miserable marriage, Heard wrote an op ed talking about being abused. Depp wasn’t named but he sued for her defamation and $50 million. She countersued for $100 million. In court they have burned each other to the ground.

The trial was an easy distraction from inflation, gas prices, the Ukraine, war, abortion, the Supreme Court, racism, COVID, school shootings, political infighting, and so on. It was easy to process, and to discuss at the dinner table without having a destructive fight.

So literally, stay tuned.

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