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This is how you tank your Hollywood career after 25 years. You refuse to be vaccinated so ABC fires you from “General Hospital.” (You also post transphobic remarks about a castmate.)

After being fired, you sue ABC, saying they didn’t allow your “religious exemption.” Then you appear not on Fox News but on their crazy right wing other channel, Fox Nation, with conspiracy theorist Tucker Carlson.

To make the whole thing perfect, Ingo Rademacher, who played Jax on “General Hospital” on and off since 1996, was lampooned last night by Stephen Colbert for being a “dingus.”

Rademacher will not win his lawsuit, it won’t even get that far. No network will hire him now. No other soap opera will take him. He’s also totally thrown in with whack job Robert Kennedy Jr.’s anti-vax campaign, promoting his full-of-fallacies book against Dr. Fauci.

If this happened on a soap they would blame it on a benign brain tumor that would be removed at the 11th hour. But this not a soap, it’s real life, and Rademacher has no respect for his castmates or crew, his fans, or himself. By September he will be recast, and no one will remember who he was.

First, the Colbert video begins at 11:19.


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