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Everyone is freaking out right now about Packers QB Aaron Rodgers. He has COVID -19. He lied about being vaccinated in August.

He lied right into the camera when asked if he was vaccinated. He said, “I’ve been immunized.”

If you watched him say it, you assumed he meant vaxxed. He may be in violation of NFL and Packers rules.

But also think of this: in April, he hosted “Jeopardy!” for two weeks. In May he and fiancee Shailene Woodley went on vacation with Woodley’s pal Miles Teller and his wife.

March and April were the months when everyone was getting vaccinated. COVID was at a peak. Rodgers didn’t wear a mask on the game show and he’s certainly not wearing one in these vacation pictures.

I’ll bet everyone involved is thrilled to know that Rodgers never got his shots, and ultimately lied about it.

This is one time his parents should be happy he doesn’t speak to them.

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