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Colin Kaepernick? Kneeling? That’s so 2018.

The NFL is back! Memories are short, people want to get out of the house, and if not, settle in for a good old football game.

Sunday’s ratings for the NFL were huge for three networks: CBS, NBC, and Fox. Not for ABC, which go tackled over and over carrying the BS Global Citizen concert special at 7pm and got 1.6 million viewers.

At 1pm, over 14 million people sat down to CBS to see a bunch of games play out.

Over on Fox, 12.5 million fans got into their Barcaloungers and poured a few beers for the first set of games. For the second set, at 4:30, 22,6 million people were watching. And 10 million hung on for overtime coverage.

Back on NBC, at 8:30pm, just under 20 million people ignored “The Simpsons” premiere on Fox and the Tony Awards on CBS at 9pm. They watched the Packers defeat the 49ers decisively.

All eyes Sunday were on football. That the Tony’s even got 2.7 million viewers is a miracle.

During the last four years, the NFL has been in a serious slump. Encouraged by the Former Guy in the White House, there was a negative vibe about the NFL. For a few minutes, some people had a conscience about the way Colin Kaepernick was treated. But then, hey, time passed. Kap still isn’t playing football, but the hot dogs are hot, and the beer is cold, and what else are we going to do.

America is still a great country. Pictured: winner of the day, Roger Goodell.

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