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I told you last November 2020 that “Jeopardy!” producers expected Ken Jennings to get the job as Alex Trebek’s successor.

Then Mike Richards stepped in and gave himself the job. Now Richards is long gone, and Jennings is on his way in.

TMZ reports that Jennings and Mayim Bialik will split the rest of the season alternating as hosts. Bialik has to concentrate on her sitcom so it’s unlikely she can be full time in the future.

Jennings had the highest ratings of any guest host this past year. He’s the greatest player of all time. The fans love him. Whatever stupid Tweets he sent out years ago are forgotten, and he’s apologized for them. This cancel culture business is out of control. Listen, no one cares. If Nick Cannon can make anti-Semitic rants and still have a daytime talk show, all bets are off.

Trebek wanted Jennings. He got hired on as a consulting producer with that goal. It was Richards, quite Machiavellian, who threw a wrench in the works. I told you this almost a year go. And here it is.



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