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I’m a little bemused by the NY Post story today that George Stephanopolous wants to host “Jeopardy!” Maybe for a day, but George already hosts “Good Morning America” every morning on ABC and has to be available for the serious stuff on ABC Evening News. Plus, “Jeopardy!” is produced in Los Angeles with “Wheel of Fortune.” They’re a package.

So, seriously: sources tell me that Alex Trebek’s successor is likely Ken Jennings, considered the Greatest of All Time GOAT player of the game. Jennings was hired last January as a consulting producer to groom him for the job. My sources say everyone connected with the show, all the producers, “love him.”

It makes sense. Jennings is already part of the family. Since Trebek died, he’s expressed his deep sorrow and admiration for Alex. Trebek remains on the air with new shows through Christmas. My guess is that after two weeks of holiday reruns, Jennings will be announced as the new host in early January 2021.


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