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Readers of this column know that I have been telling you about phony baloney Global Citizen for years. Years. They do nothing for poverty or hunger, help no one except themselves. They’re a non profit with big salaries and expenses. All their money is spent producing rock concerts with musicians– dare I say — who want exposure and some PR that they’re doing good.

Recently Global Citizen and CBS announced a reality show called “The Activist” which was going to run 8 weeks. Then it was cut to 5 weeks. Then the reality of the show itself leaked out as it seems “activists” were soliciting money from the public to “win.” Another shady deal from Global Citizen.

On September 11th, Clover Hogan, a 22 year old activist, started posting a long thread on Twitter about these scoundrels.

She wrote: “Earlier this year I was approached to appear on this show #TheActivist I was contacted by someone ‘looking for passionate activists who are actively engaged in making an impact in the areas of environment, health, education, and reducing world hunger.’ I took a call with them.”

Hogan’s long post about awful the experience was ended with this: “At the end, he revealed that this would be a competition show with activists going against each other for resources. I remember thinking I was in a Black Mirror episode. When the call ended, I cried & called my mum. The whole time, I was made to feel as if I was failing a test.”

Clover, who became the whistleblower for this scam, posted a note she subsequently received from someone on the set of the show. The Tweeter called the show “blatantly superficial.”

Tonight CBS announced they’re dumping what they filmed and turning “The Activist” into a docu-series about activism. Good luck. Meantime, Global Citizen has another “worldwide concert event” planned for next weekend with a bunch of musicians and celebrities who should know better by now. Why they continue to participate in this farce is beyond me.

PS Global Citizen had better hope CBS News doesn’t start investigating them.

If you want to tell me about your experiences with Global Citizen or “The Activist,” I’m all ears. And everything is kept confidential. showbiz411@gmail.com

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