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Back on July 5th, Global Citizen posted a help wanted ad on LinkedIn for a Director of Music Relations. They’re still looking.

Global Citizen is the sketchy “non profit” that gives no money to the hungry or poor but spends millions entertaining celebrities and paying their execs to put on rock concerts.

So it’s worrisome that they don’t have a Director of Music Relations just six weeks before another one of their phony baloney global concerts set for September 25th. Of course, not everyone trying to solve Global hunger wants to spend their time separating red M&Ms from blue M&Ms for rock stars. Maybe the irony isn’t lost on everyone.

Global Citizen founder Hugh Evans is earning at least $400,000 a year from the “non profit,” and he has 8 other top execs making six figure incomes including CEO Elizabeth Henshaw (over $400,000 also). Global Citizen also claimed on their Form 990 for 2019 that they paid $10 million for salaries that year. Couldn’t one of those people wrangle the Dom for their various performers?

So what are some of the qualifications for a person working to eradicate poverty and hunger?  According to the posting:

7-10 years of experience working with high profile artists at live entertainment events and broadcast events

Must have a current network of relevant artists, managers, agents, publicists in the music industry

Proven track record of handling celebrities professionally and adhering to strict confidentiality and non-disclosure of information

You can feel empty stomachs just filling up right now on caviar, veggie platters, avocado toast, and chocolate mousse cups — all very popular in Somalia.

According to the ad, “In 2020 alone, Global Citizen’s artist relations team engaged over 250 artists and entertainers to support our various campaigns, broadcast programs and events.”

Check LinkedIn if you want to apply. September 25th is fast approaching, someone has to do this job!

And, oh yes, they’re also looking for a director of Business Development. Someone’s got to find the money to pay for all this!


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