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The cheese stands alone.

Now Samuel D. Ingham III, court appointed attorney for Britney Spears, has resigned from his position.

This follows yesterday’s exit of Britney’s manager, Larry Rudolph. And Bessemer Trust withdrew last week as co-conservator.

Jamie Spears is the cheese. And the cheese stands alone. Only Jodi Montgomery reportedly says Britney asked her to stay as a conservator.  And she will. But most everyone else is gone now.

In addition to Ingham, Loeb & Loeb, a huge important entertainment law firm, has also filed with the judge to exit the conservatorship.

The publicity has been so bad, and the public outcry so negative, that no one wants to be associated with this thing.

And yet, Jamie Spears still has a few cards to play. He can insist on mental fitness reports and publish the results. Is Britney capable of taking care of herself, of presiding over her own estate without being ripped off by con men?

We may get a better idea at the July 14th hearing.


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