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Meghan McCain says she’s leaving “The View” because she likes living in Washington, DC.

“When I said goodbye to all of you in the studio, I found out I was pregnant,” McCain said on The View today. “I came to the D.C. area, and we have this incredible life here. And as any new mom knows, when I think about where I want Liberty to have her first steps, I have a really wonderful life here.”

But this year “The View” had no Daytime Emmy nominations for the first time ever. The show is wracked with contentiousness, and not the kind people love to watch. McCain just talks and talks and says nothing of value.

So it’s time to go. The lack of Emmy nominations this year was shocking. It was the first time since 1998. Last year, “The View” won Best Informational Show. So the snub this year was devastating.

Despite the NY Post claiming ABC did everything they could to keep McCain, I think they’re relieved whether this is her decision or theirs. “The View” audience really doesn’t need a nutty conservative on the show. Every time they’ve had one — think Hasselbeck– it’s gone wrong.

During the farewell segment, Sunny Hostin was very funny, by the way. She said that John McCain warned her in advance of Meghan joining the show: “She’s a pain in the ass.”

The father really had the daughter’s number!

PS Meghan isn’t gone so fast. She’ll be there all this month until “The View” goes into August re-runs. Paraphrasing here, but she observed: “We still have a month left to fight.”

Whoopi Goldberg, hobbled from sciatica, probably reached for the pain killers!


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