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Report just now that James Franco will pay $2.2 million settlement in his sexual misconduct case. He career, as I wrote earlier this month, is just wrecked from this.

The Hollywood Reporter says “Franco and associated entities” — meaning insurance–  have agreed to pay $2,235,000.

Sarah Tither-Kaplan and Toni Gaal, two former students in Franco’s acting class, led the lawsuit back in Oct. 2020.

THR says:

“Tither-Kaplan is getting $670,500 minus $223,500 less in fees going to the lawyers. Gaal will get $223,500 minus $74,500 to the lawyers. And the other students would get almost two-thirds of the remaining pot of $1.341 million with the lawyers total take being around $827,000.

“Franco has also agreed to “non-economic” terms for the individual plaintiffs, although that’s presently the subject of a motion to seal.”

Franco has issued a statement: “While Defendants continue to deny the allegations in the Complaint, they acknowledge that Plaintiffs have raised important issues; and all parties strongly believe that now is a critical time to focus on addressing the mistreatment of women in Hollywood. All agree on the need to make sure that no one in the entertainment industry — regardless of race, religion, disability, ethnicity, background, gender or sexual orientation — faces discrimination, harassment or prejudice of any kind.”

It’s hard to understand how Franco will make a career comeback after this. So far, other “cancelled” actors like Nate Parker and Jason Mitchell have had no luck, Parker has had some projects funded, but they’ve been ignored.

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