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Could the shocking decision in the Bill Cosby case help Harvey Weinstein?

Possibly. An attorney named Duncan Levin who worked on the Weinstein case says:

“There is nothing more important to our system of justice than the presumption of innocence. The rules of evidence exist so that testimony never turns into unfounded attacks on a defendants’s character, and that appears to be exactly what happened here. Vague evidence about uncharged conduct has no place in a courtroom.”

One of the reasons the Pennsylvania Supreme Court is freeing Cosby is because past allegations were let into court. It’s only part of the decision, but it likely gives Weinstein hope as his trial was augmented by testimony from women who alleged past sexual misdeeds but never went to the police or to court.

The accusers in the Cosby case are no doubt livid. The Weinstein accusers will certainly be triggered by this news.

Stay tuned…

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