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originally published April 15, 2021

Just over a year ago, I told you about a possible treatment for COVID-19 that was being used in Canada, and it worked.

Now a clinic in Toronto is treating patients with red light photodynamic therapy that’s having excellent results successfully converting individuals who have tested COVID-19 positive to COVID-19 negative in the the front of the nasal passages.

Ondine Biomedical’s Steriwave treatment is used in the nose, basically, to eradicate COVID-19. It’s not a nasal spray. It’s the use of a red light on nasal passages. It takes a few minutes and is relatively inexpensive. You just sit in a chair, as you would for a COVID-`19 test. From pictures it looks like you’re holding thin fiber cables in each nostril. The light is emitted in the nose.

Their own description: “The technology uses red light—which is safe for human tissues, unlike UV light—to activate a special light-sensitive liquid (called a photosensitizer) that is naturally attracted to germs. The activated photosensitizer destroys the germs physically within moments. This reaction is so quick that germs have no way to resist or adapt. As soon as the light turns off the reaction stops.”

Steriwave, approved for use in Canada, is now being implemented at a clinic in Toronto set up by entrepreneurs who believe in the product. They’ve enlisted respected Toronto ENT surgeon Dr. Jack Kolenda, in Toronto, as medical director. The clinic, called The Breathe Easy Clinic, is successfully treating patients now.

For the entertainment industry, Steriwave could have huge implications: treatments at film festivals, on productions, movie and TV sets, stage productions, and so on could potentially be using Steriwave to protect everyone involved. In France, where Steriwave is approved for use, the red light therapy could make the Cannes Film Festival possible.

Over the last year I’ve had a lot of conversations with the owner of the company, Carolyn Cross, founder and CEO of Ondine, and with doctors who’ve been using Steriwave. The doctors have been using Steriwave to treat COVID-19 positive patients, demonstrating remarkable success. Sounds too good to be true, but apparently it is true and it does work quickly with no side effects.

What makes the Steriwave treatment even more extraordinary and highly effective is that it is the only anti- viral, treatment in the world that is not compromised by any mutations of the Coronavirus. The Steriwave treatment, they say, is the only anti viral, upper respiratory tract treatment in the world that is topical, non invasive, painless, that can be used repeatedly and has been deployed more than 140,000 times in Canada with no serious side effects.

There is a lot of anecdotal testimony. Because employees at meat packing plants proved extremely vulnerable to COVID, medical professionals deployed Steriwave to one of the largest in Canada. The plant has 1400 employees and since Steriwave was deployed there to treat these employees once a week for the past nine months, I understand that there has not been a single case of an employee who works in the meat processing facility testing positive for Covid 19.

Dr. Kolenda says, “As an early adopter of PDT (photo dynamic therapy) for infection prevention in my surgical practice at Verso Surgery Centre,in Oakville, Ontario, Canada,  I have explored the deployment of Ondine Biomedical’s Steriwave treatment, as a possible intervention in treating Covid 19.” Steriwave is implemented as the standard of care to treat all pre-operative patients —  prior to their surgery —  at Vancouver General Hospital which is Canada’s third largest healthcare institution.

And Steriwave does seem to work, for real, on real people. A Toronto local, Joe Marcello, tested COVID-19 positive along with his wife. They were tested and treated successfully this week at Breathe Easy and converted to COVID-19 negative. Marcello posted his story to Instagram. (His post is to the left.)

Ondine Biomedical, founded in 1997, is owned by Carolyn Cross, who has over 25 years of experience with early stage companies and experience with public market securities. Cross sits on the Government of Canada’s pre-eminent science and technology Council, The National Research Council of Canada. Cross has made it her life’s mission to build Ondine Biomedical into the world leader in developing and creating antimicrobial photodynamic treatements and technologies which eradicate and mitigate what the CDC and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation identify as the greatest threat to humanity in the next decade, which is antibiotic resistant infection and antimicrobial resistance.

So Ondine and Steriwave are not fly by night. They are long established entities. The question now is, when will the Steriwave treatment be  used by the world to treat  millions of people to fight the mutations that are sweeping the globe and preventing the vaccines from being completely effective.  And when will the United States make a decision to approve the Steriwave treatment?

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