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There’s a yin and a yang to Justin Bieber’s trajectory right now.

Despite the fact that tickets aren’t selling to his 2021 concert commencing in less than two months, Bieber is on a PR tear.

He’s on the cover of GQ babbling about Jesus and whatever, Hailey Baldwin, etc. It doesn’t matter. He’s rich, he’s lonely, he’s depressed. He used to be an asshole, now he feels he isn’t. That’s his mantra.

Meantime, yesterday, Bieber and a pretty extensive crew flew to Paris and put on a “show” on the rooftop of the Hotel Crillon, which he calls the Krill-on. The wife went, all the pals, etc. The Crillon is about the most expensive hotel in Paris, so this trip, including private planes, had to cost a million bucks. Maybe more.

And the result? Odd. After about 24 hours, well under 1 million views on YouTube for the full video. Something billed as the Afterparty, on YouTube premium, has just 42,315 views. The individual songs averaged about 360,000 views. So it wasn’t a breaking down of doors to see this expensive croissant play itself out.

Promoters are telling me they’re still waiting to get the word that the 2021 tour, which was the 2020 tour, will be the 2022 tour. What if Paris and GQ and all the rest of it ends up with another postponed tour?

Hey, be a Belieber! Anne Frank was.


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