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Ex supermodel Paulina Porizkova wants our attention. So she’s posing a nude, a lot, on Instagram, and on a foreign edition of Vogue.

Paulina was married to Cars rocker Ric Ocasek until he got sick. The, Ric said in his will, Paulina “abandoned” him for “Bill and Ted” screenwriter Ed Solomon. Then Ric died on Solomon’s birthday. Paulina said in interviews that the morning she discovered Ric was after he was left alone all night at home despite being gravely ill. She was bringing him coffee when she came home and found him.

Paulina once starred in a very good indie film called “Anna” that got Sally Kirkland an Oscar nomination. Now she appears on Instagram and other social media, claims to be broke even though the townhouse she shared with Ric– she’s technically his widow– sold for $10 million. He claimed to have a small estate, but he may have hidden his assets in trusts away from her.

Being a rock wife ain’t easy. Being a rock widow? A little better.

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