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Tom Cruise is on the move, again.

Paramount is moving “Top Gun: Maverick” to November. It was supposed to open in July. Summer movie releases are falling apart. If Paramount sees that theaters won’t be up to speed, other studios are going to get that message.

If this happens, “Maverick” will go up against the James Bond “No Time to Die.” Each of these films is so old by now they have wrinkles.

But sending “Maverick” to November, resets the Tom Cruise schedule. Now “Mission: Impossible 7” goes to May 2022. Maybe. Who knows?

People are going to the movies in some places. “Godzilla v Kong” has been a monster hit. Disney is going to release “Black Widow.” Paramount could release movies this summer. They still have “A Quiet Place 2” set to unroll on May 28th, Memorial Day (weird, but, wtf).

With “Maverick” going to November with Bond, maybe we’ll see them each in Cannes in October. Stand by.


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