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I feel for the Motion Picture Academy. Putting on this Oscar telecast will not be easy. Last week, the Academy sent out the below letter to nominees and publicists with provisions for this year’s show in accordance with COVID regulations. Among the restrictions: a 5 day quarantine leading up to the April 25th show if the attendees are already in Los Angeles. A 10 day quarantine is required  for those traveling from another city.


A new conference Zoom call is set for tomorrow. At that time, the whole ‘no Zooming for the show’ may be revisited since all of that quarantining seems impractical if not impossible.

But everyone wants to stay safe and still put on a good show.

Just a note to ABC and the Academy: after all the awards shows of the last year, no one is going to care about the ratings of the Oscars. An asterisk will be placed next to 2021. You get a free pass. Just put on the show.

Here’s the email that went out:

If nominees are traveling internationally into Los Angeles, they will be required to quarantine for 10 days upon arrival. There will be 3 COVID tests required leading up to the show. The Academy’s contracted lab will handle all testing.

“If nominees are traveling domestically or are already in Los Angeles, they will be asked to quarantine for 5 days. There will be 2 COVID tests required leading up to the show. Again, the Academy’s contracted lab will handle all testing.

The Academy will not accommodate additional ticket requests. Tickets for nominees are non-transferrable.

If Nominees are not in person, there will not be an option to Zoom into the telecast and the show will use an approved photo for the nominees when their category is announced. However, winners not in attendance will be able to Zoom into the Virtual Press Interview Room.

We will not be able to credential studio nor personal reps to be onsite. The Academy PR department and a small Talent Relations team will assist.”

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