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The Oscars are getting an Oscar for diversity this year.

Producers Steven Soderbergh, Stacey Sher, and Jessie Collins have added a slate of writers and producers to their team, as well as named a musical and lighting director.

The bulk of this group is Black, which is no coincidence. After the Golden Globes race debacle, the Academy is being careful to emphasize inclusivity. It’s about time.

Named as musical director is Questlove, of the Roots and Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight show. Amir Thompson is his real name, and he just directed his first documentary, “Summer of Soul.”

The Academy named four Black writers, as well as director-screenwriter Richard LaGravenese, The writers are Mitchell Marchand, dream hampton, Rodney Barnes, and Amberia Allen.  Head weiter remains Jon Macks.

Dionne Harmon and Jeannae Rouzan-Clay join the production team.

Returning are David Rockwell as the production designer, and Robert Dickinson as lighting designer.

There’s no host for the Oscars this year. Raj Kapoor returns as co-producer. Glenn Weiss is running the show.

But the show is going to be hip and stylish, and different. And that’s a good thing!




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