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Van Morrison sounds like he knows he made a big mistake with his crazy “Stand and Deliver” anti-lockdown song over the winter. (Remember, he got Eric Clapton to sing it, and likened the lockdown to slavery, of all things.)

Well, forgive and forget. Now Van’s new release is called “Only a Song.” In other words, “Stand and Deliver” was only a song, move on. Okay, I guess. Why not?

Morrison sounds more like himself than ever before in “Only a Song” which a definite “Moondance” feel to it. When you’re a musical genius, and a little cynical, you can do this sort of thing. Van’s next album (he’s very prolific) hits in May, it’s called “Latest Record Project, Vol. 1” and seems to have over 20 songs on it including “Stop Bitching, Do Something.”

The lyrics to “Only a Song” really stab “Stand and Deliver” in the back. And you know, that song is NOT included on the new album. LOL. It was only a song!

Did you ever think Van Morrison would be in the news this much? If you’re wondering what to listen to besides “Moondance” in the Morrison repertoire, I recommend the 2012 “Born to Sing: No Plan B,” one of his very best in a catalog of classic recordings.

All pretty amusing considering ol’ Van is a young, young 75.

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