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I may have told Russell Thompkins, Jr this once, but back in 1972 I spotted the Stylistics tour bus parked near the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. Without thinking twice, I walked onto it and introduced myself. I’m sure whoever was there thought I was nuts.

I always loved the Stylistics from the moment I heard them. Today is Thompkins’ 70th birthday and I wouldn’t let it pass without a nod. That falsetto of his is its own musical instrument. In high school, the girls loved “Betcha By Golly Wow” and “You Make Me Feel Brand New.” They swooned to those songs.

I always liked “You Are Everything” and “People Make the World Go Round.” Thom Bell produced and wrote their hit songs, making them classics I still thrill to on SoulTown, Sirius XM. “Stone in Love with You” is pretty great, too. All the records depend on the Stylistics’ harmonies. But it’s Thompkins who carries the ball. He deserves all credit.

Happy birthday, Russell!

PS We all love Motown, but if I didn’t have the Stylistics, Spinners, Dramatics, O’Jays, Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes, it would be a bleak world!




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