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Martin Luther King– Doctor King– is a guest on Justin Bieber’s new album called “Justice.”

A snippet of Dr King precedes the first song, called “2 Much,” which is not a political song but a dopey Bieber love song. Dr. King is listed as a songwriter along with Bieber and his crew!

Then halfway through an album of like minded material comes an “MLK Interlude” in which Dr. King talks about taking control of one’s life at age 38 and dying for the cause. That is cut into a love song called “Die For You.”

Bieber is using Dr. King for branding or something. It’s absolutely mindless and I expect there to be brushback when the album is widely listened to in the morning. How weird and awful.

Indeed, Twitter is aflame Friday morning with criticism of the pop star for juxtaposing Dr. King’s words with songs about loving Bieber’s wife, Hailey!

It’s not the album is themed around social justice. It’s just that Dr. King has been used as book ends for Bieber’s monotone induced love crap. What the heck is going on?

And how is it that Scooter Braun or someone in Bieber’s team didn’t stop him from doing this?

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