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There isn’t a song on Justin Bieber’s new album, “Justice,” that hasn’t been labored over by a team of writers and producers.

Twenty one humans are individually credited with “backing vocals.” Five or six more have “backing vocals” listed under their multiple disciplines.

The first single, a hit during the winter called “Holy,” has 10 writing credits. 10! Same for a couple of other “hits.”

Also 10 writers conspired to compose “Hold On,” the latest single, which has bombed in its short life, failing to stay on the iTunes chart for more than a nanosecond. It’s already gone.

The album is having anemic pre-sales, currently sitting at number 89 on Amazon.com among all CDs and vinyl. I was surprised. By now it should have been in the top 10 at least. “Justice” drops at midnight and should bounce to number 1 on iTunes instantly, but then what?

Meantime, Bieber’s concert ticket sales remain largely unsold, with huge swaths of available seats at all venues. The first show is June 5th.

“Justice” is loaded with guest stars. Aside from those on the already released singles there are 6 more including Khalid and Burna Boy, two hot hot acts. “Holy” already depended on Chance the Rapper. Bieber is adding Black stars to his singles as Value Added, but I hope they’re getting paid a lot for their appearances.

Fans of the popster will clamor for the Walmart special edition of the album that includes a song called “Hailey” that must be about his wife, Hailey Baldwin.

Not included are “Crocs by Drew,” Bieber’s new marketing collaboration with the hard plastic slip on shoes. They’re also being released this week.

Competing with “Justice” tonight is Lana del Rey’s new “Chemtrails Over the Country Club,” which is kind of a tour de force. Just FYI.



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