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“Mork and Mindy” star Pam Dawber has only had two acting jobs in the last 20 years, each was one a shot on a series. She’s basically retired, living a pretty good life as Mrs. Mark Harmon.

But now Dawber returns to work for four episodes of “NCIS,” the show that made her husband a big star and very, very rich. The episodes will air “non-sequentially” beginning April 6th, meaning the last one will be the season finale. And that may be Mark Harmon’s overall  exit.

Harmon, who’s turning 70, is said to be downsizing his starring role as Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Apparently, Harmon’s contract is up, and he’s ready to cut his appearances to a handful to get the show through its 20 season. They have two more to go.

“NCIS New Orleans” has been cancelled, and “NCIS Los Angeles” is winding down at the same time. A new “NCIS” is being cooked up set in Hawaii since CBS has a big production presence there. But the main show is starting to show signs of ratings wear. Last night’s 9.5 million viewers still wins the night and is in the top 10 for the week of TV shows, but the end is coming.

It’s conceivable that Gibbs, who has never found love on “NCIS,” will find it with Harmon’s real life wife, and they will ride into the sunset. He can make a fortune doing Life Insurance commercials, or just fish off his yacht. God bless.


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