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Queen of a Lot of TV, Shonda Rhimes, is taking the Hollywood Foreign Press to task. She says the people who vote on the Golden Globes ignored her shows until they were hits.

Rhimes reasons: “HFPA rejected our press conference. Until it was a “surprise hit” (Grey’s, Scandal, Murder -SURPRISE!) And yet they STILL asked me to show up in person to present at the Globes. We’re not the only ones. This is why HFPA’s house is on fire.They lit the flame w/their own ignorance.”

She adds: “And I’m the lucky one. More important: think of all the great talent and shows out there that never even got a chance.”

Rhimes’ observation comes on the heels of a published report on TheWrap.com that the HFPA routinely ignored Black movies and TV shows.

The HFPA said last night they would add 13 Black journalists to their group immediately after Hollywood publicists threaten to pull their clients from Golden Globes activities.

The HFPA is really in hot water in ways I never imagined, and I criticized them a lot over the years. But this was bound to happen. Where they’re going to find 13 Black journalists living in L.A. who cover foreign countries is a mystery to me. But I nominate Wilson Morales of BlackFilmandTV. Even though he lives in New York, Morales could cover for any country and is one of the top movie journalists of any color or continent. Just a suggestion.

As for Rhimes, she’s right when she says she’s not alone. So much of TV is ignored by awards groups. I really think once a show has won Best Drama or Comedy that should be it, no more. Actors, writers, directors that’s different. But once the basic gist a show has won, that’s enough. Shows don’t need to win six times.

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