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TUESDAY MORNING: The totals for the Grammys were revised up to 9.2 million, which is better than the fast overnights but still the all time low. That’s 50% of last year’s number.

Once upon a time, in 2012, the Grammys had 39 million viewers. That was the year of Adele and her “21” album and the song “Rolling in the Deep.”

That was a long time ago. Last year the Grammys were down to 18 million. Not quite the bottom, but close.

And last night? The total seems to be 7.9 million viewers despite a clever show with great moments. Maybe the biggest upside is that the average stayed above 8 million til the last hour. That’s when a million dropped out.

New EP Ben Winston faced a lot of obstacles. The show had a shaky start but improved consistently as it went along. The highlight was the In Memoriam section, a real tour de force featuring Lionel Richie, Bruno Mars and others. After that, things got better.

Losing 10 million viewers from last year isn’t great, but that’s the new normal. Oscars beware.

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