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The 2021 Grammys swung from terrible to not bad over a three hour period.

With Trevor Noah hosting, the show opened oddly and went downhill fast with poor production values. The first 90 minutes looked like it was set in an afternoon wedding. Very weird. Also, the wedding guests all wore masks, so you couldn’t tell who was there.

But then the In Memoriam section turned out to be a tour de force, highlighted by Lionel Richie singing “Lady,” a song he wrote, for Kenny Rogers, who had the hit. Lionel was off the charts and the whole show shifted. Producer Ben Winston’s best work came out in “In Memoriam.”

From there on the sets improved and so did the show. An X rated segment for the raunchy “WAP” may have given the CBS censors a heart attack. If CBS viewers were looking for “Madame Secretary,” they got a surprise.

So hard to do this show imaginatively in the pandemic. A rocky start evened out and improved. Taylor Swift, however, should have not have lip-synched from the set of “Lord of the Rings.”

Kudos to Recording Academy acting CEO Harvey Mason, Jr.

Beyonce set a record for most Grammys by a female artist, with 28. Also most Grammys for a singer.

HER aka Gabriella Wilson won Best Song for “I Can’t Breathe.”

Taylor Swift won Album of the Year, as expected, for “Folklore.”

Billie Eilish won Record of the Year for “Everything I Wanted.”


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