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The era of JLO and A-Rod is over.

If these two selfless humans can’t make a relationship work, who can?

Page Six broke the story. Alex Rodriguez apparently has been “sexting” if not sexing some babe named Madison LeCroy. (This can’t be her real name. That has to be Myrtle Gilooly.) It’s a tale as old as time.

Are we surprised? Shocked! Aghast! Can’t believe it! Why, A-Rod is a paragon of virtue. Ask his ex-wife. Ask the Yankees. Ask his steroid dealer.

And JLo? She’s so easy to get along with, a real PB&J kinda gal.  Jenny from the block. You should see her presenting coupons at Food Emporium, helping old ladies across the street.

JLo can add ARod to her list that includes P Diddy, Ben Affleck, and so on, not to mention Marc Anthony, who is no dount more upset than we are, he thought this was a done deal.


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