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“Grey’s Anatomy” is famous for killing off long term or beloved characters.

Last night they did it again, stabbing Dr. DeLuca in the first hour with “Station 19” and then sending him to the beach set with Meredith Grey aka Ellen Pompeo, where he found his hot, dead mother and ran off into the sunset with her.

The beach is in Malibu, and people who go there are dead. Yes, I know, this sounds crazy, but that’s what it is. Pompeo, in contract negotiations, has been there all season while in a coma back in Seattle. She has COVID, she’s intubated, and her agent is trying to get her use of Bob Iger’s home for birthday parties.

Meredith’s big beach pal is Derek, her dead husband, who’s shown up already and returns next week for a visit. Derek aka Patrick Dempsey, was killed off a few years ago when he wasn’t getting along with Pompeo or Shonda Rhimes. He’s been back lately to try and boost the ratings.

Back to Dr. DeLuca: seven seasons played by Giacomo Gianniotti. He was killed either for budget reasons or because showrunner Krista Vernoff is a sadist. She told TV Line and Variety that killing DeLuca was “an inspiration.” Then Gianiotti had to say he thought it was a great ending for his character. No, he did not believe that. He looked at his mortgage and other bills, and wept. But he can’t say anything lest he be blacklisted from ShondaLand. He might get a bit role in “Bridgerton.” You never know.

“Grey’s Anatomy” loves killing off characters. The only two who are off limits are Dr. Bailey and Richard. They must have Pompeo’s secret diaries locked in their dressing rooms. Everyone else is fair game. I really haven’t watched “Grey’s” since its first or second seasons in 2005 or so. I didn’t recognize a single person on the show. ShondaLand keeps ’em moving to make sure the budget never swells.

Meantime, we wait and see if Pompeo makes a deal for another season, or leaves to do infomercials with Cindy Crawford. Then we see if ABC fires a whole cast and crew over one person, or renews the show for another season of misery and surprise killings. Will Meredith wake up from her coma? Yes. To find everyone she knew gone. She’ll be the only character, along with Dr. Bailey and Richard, of course. (Dr. Bailey slept through most of last night’s show in a hospital chair. When Richard woke her up, she exclaimed, “Who’s left? Am I dead?”)

Updates with last night’s ratings soon. Keep refreshing…

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