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Two days ago, Micky Dolenz celebrated a birthday. Happy birthday, Micky!

And now we get the news that the once and always Monkee is releasing his first new album in nine years. And all the songs are by his pal of more than 50 years, fellow Monkee Mike Nesmith.

“Dolenz Sings Nesmith” is produced by Mike’s son, Christian, and includes a cover of a song you may not realize Mike wrote: Linda Ronstadt’s “Different Drum.”

The cover, at left, reminds me a little of the famous “Nilsson Sings Newman” album from the 70s when Harry Nilsson had a collection of Randy Newman songs.

Micky confirms it in the album’s press release. He says he got the idea for the album a long time ago. As Micky says “I think I first mentioned it to Nez years ago, I don’t know where the idea came from, maybe from my friend Harry Nilsson and his Nilsson Sings Newman album. I thought to myself, ‘Wow, Dolenz Sings Nesmith’”. The new album, which was recorded between September 2020 and February 2021, features songs written throughout Nesmith’s long career, including many from the critically acclaimed Michael Nesmith & The First National Band albums, as well as a few Monkees deep cuts. And who better to produce the album than Nesmith’s son, Christian Nesmith, who has done an incredible job in coming up with fresh and completely new arrangements for all of the songs.

The album comes to us on May 21st from 7A Records.

Happy Birthday, Micky! You just keep getting younger and younger!



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