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Oprah’s royal special got 17.1 million people, a whopping big number, 10 million more than CBS usually gets at that hour.

The first hour was 16.963 million. The second hour jumped up to 17.3 million. That doesn’t include delayed viewing and all the clips running everywhere and the boost Oprah gave to CBS Morning News.

Oprah’s special didn’t do any favors to other shows airing at the same time last night including the Critics Choice Awards. I would ask the CW Network to re-air the Critics Choice this week again when people who would have watched it can see it.

ABC was down 21% from last week, and NBC was down 75%. Oprah took a bite out of everything.

Oprah’s score tied Diane Sawyer’s powerhouse interview with Caitlyn Jenner from 2017 to the decimal.

Will the monarchy crumble? Only if it’s ascertained that Prince Charles or Camilla were the ones who discussed the color of Archie’s skin. I feel that they were the ones, and that Harry can’t get over it. But that’s speculation. It may sink in that the UK has a racist waiting to be King. Certainly, Charles is a bad guy, we know that from the whole Diana saga. His mother knows it, too, which is why she’s never turned the Crown over to him.

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