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Disney, which now has Fox Searchlight as just Searchlight, has been busy hiding numbers for “Nomadland.”

Chloe Zhao’s Oscar-tipped drama has already won the Golden Globes and many critics awards. Tonight it should win the Critics Choice Award on the CW Network starting at 8pm.

This amazing film was released on February 19th and made around $1 million on its first weekend. Many theaters were closed in cities like New York and Los Angeles.

But now theaters in New York are open to 25% capacity or 50 seats. And today there are several sold out shows around Manhattan according to Fandango. That’s a good sign. So why won’t Disney say how much “Nomadland” made this weekend?

We already have a plethora of films with no financial info, from Netflix to Amazon, Hulu, etc. It’s not a great omen that studios are following suit with lack of transparency.

PS Tragic news yesterday that the sound mixer for “Nomadland,” Michael Wolf Snyder, 35, committed suicide this week. He was found by his father in his Queens apartment. What a terrible loss. He was on track for an Oscar nomination, knew how many accolades his film was getting, but was overcome by what his dad called “Major Depression.” Just heartbreaking. Condolences to his family and friends.

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