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Why is “The Walking Dead” still a series?

With the last two episodes, the once ratings powerhouse has fallen to below 3 million viewers a week.

Last week registered a 2.89 million. The prior week was 2.73 million.

This tenth “season” of the series began in October 2019 and ends on April 4, 2021. There are 22 episodes. The first one, back in October 2019, scored 4 million viewers. The decline has been steady.

At the peak of its popularity, these Zombies and ugly humans were taking in 15 million viewers. That was in 2013-14.

But the bloom is off the rose, as they say. The zombies have flaked into nothingness. You would have to be hardcore to still care what happens.

There’s also a lot of competition. Tomorrow night at 9pm, Oprah will be grilling Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who are fighting their own zombies. On the CW, there’s the Critics Choice Awards. And then there are 200 other channels.

We’ll see on Tuesday what tomorrow night’s ratings are. But an 11th season is supposed to start this summer. Why? I have no idea except that AMC has no other ideas for series.


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