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“Allen v. Farrow” is a ratings bust.

Sunday night’s episode 2 of the HBO mini series drew just 333K viewers. That was down from the previous week’s 349K.

No one is buying what filmmakers Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering are selling. A mini series of hysterical fiction, “Allen v. Farrow” is simply not ringing true for viewers. Mia Farrow’s nearly 30 year old allegations against Woody Allen are coming off as fake and false, a scorned lover’s never ending vendetta against her one time boyfriend.

And it wasn’t like the Golden Globes drew eyes away from HBO. The Globes ratings were terrible.

“Allen v. Farrow” was beaten by about a dozen different cable shows, and finished at number 96 overall for Sunday cable shows.

Mia Farrow has given better performances– watch “Zelig” or “Broadway Danny Rose.” She’s not getting any awards for this one.

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