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First, read this: “Supercell is an epic disaster movie that tells the tale of William, a good-hearted teenager, who always lived in hope of following in his father’s footsteps, the legendary storm chaser Bill Brody, killed by a massive super tornado. His father’s legacy has now been turned into a storm-chasing tourist business, managed by the greedy and reckless Zane Rogers (Alec Baldwin), who is now using William as the main attraction to lead a group of unsuspecting adventurers deep into the eye of the most dangerous supercell ever seen.”

Yeah. That’s Alec Baldwin’s next project, directed by Martin Scorsese? Quentin Tarantino? No, directed by Herbert James Winterstern (NBC’s “Siberia”) from a script by Winterstern & Anna Elizabeth James (Deadly Illusions).

Who are these people? What is Alec doing? With now six kids to feed (a new one was added this week), Alec — who used to take quality fare for the most part — is off to do impressions of himself in shlock movies for a good payday.

I’m sad about this. He’s also got some kind of B action movie with Frank Grillo in pre-production. And let’s not forget something called “Chick Fight,” which ‘released’ quote-unquote last November when he still had just 5 kids. And then he’s playing Enzo Ferrari in a “Lamborghini” biopic produced by Monika Bacardi. Need I say more?

All straight to video or streaming. Very much the Bruce Willis-Mel Gibson route. Alas, remember “Working Girl” and “Married to the Mob”? Jack Donaghy?


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