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Clive Davis, you know, is the Man of Steel. But he’s also human! Clive was recently diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy and has to regrettably move his March 13th Pre-Grammy gala Zoom party to later this spring.

I am assured there is nothing more wrong with Clive than this glitch, which is probably the result of a virus. But not COVID. So let’s not start rumors. He’s being treated with anti-biotics and steroids, and is expected to make a full recovery within 6 weeks.

This has not altered Clive’s speech at all, he is still as eloquent as ever. But Bell’s Palsy does temporarily affect facial muscles. so a Zoom call with 2,000 people including 1,000 celebrities is not a good idea!

Last month’s Zoom call so insanely successful, the poor guy needs a rest! He was like Larry King at his peak, on steroids! Clive interviewed more than a dozen superstars including Bruce Springsteen. John Legend and Jennifer Hudson performed. It was amazing.

The next Zoom gala, whether it’s in May or June, will feature Paul Simon (maybe Art Garfunkel?), and more of his stars.

So send Get Well wishes to showbiz411@gmail.com, and I’ll forward them directly to his trusty aides. We love you, Clive!

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