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The third time was not the trick for Kim Kardashian. She’s filed for divorce from husband number 3, Kanye West.

It wouldn’t be so bad but they’ve produced four children, some by extraordinary means.

TMZ says there’s pre-nup, and that the whole thing is cut and dried. But I’d say that among the causes for the relationship to fail are conspicuous consumption, avarice, and banality.

It’s also excellent timing for the last round of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” Before the show’s cancellation was announced, ratings were declining quickly. For this to be the final plot line means they’ll get a boost. It will be like “An American Family” with everyone wearing beige Yeezys.

Kim’s next husband will have to want to take on four children, plus Kanye as an ex. And that will be the basis for Kim’s Hulu show.

I’m joking about a lot of this, but Kanye– despite his bad politics, bad designs, and bad attitude– is someone to feel bad for. He’s never recovered from his mother’s death. His mental health is a disaster. Whatever comes next for him will be painful, and that’s not funny.

Who gets to keep Anna Wintour? A judge may have to decide.


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