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MONDAY FEB 15 2021: The new “Love Story” sales are at around 84,000 just Friday and Saturday.

SUNDAY: Wherever Taylor Swift is today. she’s cackling and petting one of her cats. She’s won. She’s socked it to Scooter Braun, SCott Borchetta, and Shamrock Capital Holdings.

Her re-recorded “Love Story” had 6 million streams on Friday, its debut day. That translated into sales of 52,000 including streaming. Downloads came to 10,000. That was one day with little notice. “Love Story (Taylor’s Version)” is number 1 on iTunes since Friday.

This leaves the aforementioned group of men scratching their heads about what to do next. Their $300 million investment has gone up in smoke. To wit: Scooter bought Scott’s record company, the main asset of which was Taylor’s master recordings of six albums. Then Scooter turned around and sold the masters to Shamrock for $300 million.

And now it’s all worthless. Taylor will release the whole remade “Fearless” album with he new “Love Story” and six more unreleased songs. That will nullify the old album. Then she’ll do that with five more albums.

Not to mention that Taylor’s biggest albums– “Lover,” “Folklore,” and “Evermore”– aren’t even part of the Scooter pie. And when she releases a new version of the now Shamrock owned “1989” there will be skyrocketing sales.

They’re going to study all this one day at Harvard Business school. With Taylor getting an honorary doctorate. (And Don Passman, PhD.)

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