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She’s baaack.

The night before her “American Idol” audition airs on ABC, Claudia Conway has returned to Twitter. She’s been off since August 23rd, 2020.

What does the daughter of Kellyanne and George Conway have to say? First: “side note but how in the world could trump have been acquitted

OK. We agree, Claudia!

A fan asked her if she was being pressured to appear on “Idol.” Claudia replied:” i’m not at all :) this was a really amazing opportunity and i took it! it’s starting the next chapter of my life: coming into my own and creating a name for MYSELF. i’m claudia; i’m not someone’s daughter or that girl in family “drama”. i’m just claudia”

She added: “hi also a lot of people think that my being on american idol is a publicity stunt but i can promise you it is not. i have been vocally trained and in music for most of my life and did this on my own merit :)”

Claudia is 16. She thinks she’s in control. She doesn’t realize “American Idol” is using her for publicity, not the other way around.



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