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Scandal? What scandal?

Country singer Morgan Wallen said the N word on a tape made by TMZ and a small part of the world went crazy. His agent dropped him, his record company suspended him. The Country Music Awards banned him.

And Wallen’s fans didn’t care. This week he sold more than 200,000 records and finished at number 1 with his “Dangerous: The Double Album.”

An older album, called “If I Know Me,” is included in that count.

Until last night when new records were released, Wallen commanded the charts all week. At one point he had 20 of the top 100 iTunes singles. He still has half a dozen. And the albums are still selling.

Country music fans just didn’t care. Nevertheless, Wallen offered a perfunctory apology that no one paid any attention to.


So what now? I’m sure all is forgiven and Wallen’s “suspension” from his all white record and management company called Big Loud will welcome him back with ooen arms. It’s not the money, you know, it’s the money.

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