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The long knives are out for the NFL. Super Bowl ratings, delayed by a day, came in and were disappointing.

The total number of viewers on CBS was “just 96.4 million.” The highly touted showdown between Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes didn’t materialize as the KC Chiefs slept through the game, the Tampa Bay Bucs ran roughshod over them.

The game didn’t hit 100 million, and was the worst showing since 2007.

Frankly, NINETY SIX MILLION sounds good to me considering the season, the pandemic, and the fact that Colin Kaepernick still doesn’t have a job on a team.

Queen Latifah debuted in “The Equalizer” at 10:30pm after the Bowl and brought in 20 million viewers. That’s a great start for a solid new series with a black female lead. I mean, CBS should be dancing and opening Champagne. “The Equalizer” is a formula show with a big twist– huge multicultural infusion. The cast is excellent, and the production quality is very high. It’s a hit, and I hope we see it run for five to seven seasons. Bravo!

As for the Super Bowl, there are so many distractions now. The numbers are in decline anyway. CBS can count its blessings.



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