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On Wednesday night MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow beat Fox News’s Sean Hannity by 1 million viewers.

Maddow had 3,898,000 million viewers tune in to her erudite, entertaining show.

Hannity, spewing baseless theories and alternative facts, crumbled. He invited in 2,890,000 million misinformed guests.

This was the third night this week that Maddow ate Hannity’s lunch. She did it all last week, too.

Maddow’s success spilled over onto Lawrence O’Donnell’s equally insightful program at 10pm. He scored 2,835,000 million.

His Fox News competition, Laura Ingraham, had to settle for 2,096,000.

Fox News is in a free fall. Only Tucker Carlson is pulling in an audience, and it’s unclear if they’re just snoozing until someone comes to put them to bed. What’s also happening at 8pm is that Anderson Cooper on CNN and Chris Hayes on MSNBC are splitting the intelligent audience at that hour. Their audience together is over 5 million, much larger than Carlson.

Is it really that Fox News has lost its ultra right viewers? Or are thinking people just turning away as the Republicans lose their minds, endorse racism and hate, ignore the pandemic, and unemployment?



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