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It looks like Bruce Springsteen will be the main attraction at the Super Bowl.

Reports indicate Bruce filmed a Jeep commercial in Hastings, Nebraska. It does seem like a perfect fit, doesn’t it?

The question is: which song did Jeep license for the commercial? (Not “Born to Run,” I don’t think.)

And the next one is how much did Jeep pay for this? Twenty million sounds good to me. ($50 mil for Born to Run!)

And how many Jeeps arrived at the Springsteen home?

Local reports out of Lincoln indicate that Bruce was there. His private plane was parked at the airport. A spokeswoman for Jeep-owner Stellantis, formerly called Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, confirmed to Ad Age that Jeep would run an ad in the second half of Sunday’s game.

The Associated Press also reported that a local sheriff confirmed that “a film crew shot something on the Republican River bridge south of Red Cloud and had hired a couple of off-duty deputies for security.”

Is Bruce selling out? No. There’s no touring, so there’s no income. “Letter to You” was a modest hit, but didn’t produce a huge amount of revenue. Bruce, like most rock stars, has a big payroll– all of the family, all of the E Street Band, and so on. So $20 million will go a long way to make up for no tour last year or this one.

Stay tuned!

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