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Actor Danny Boaz exits CBS’s “The Young and the Restless” today after 100 episodes and about 16 months playing Chance Chancellor.

A few weeks ago, his character was married in a lavish ceremony but he wasn’t there. Instead, the real life husband/actor of his on screen wife played the part. Boaz was home quarantining after testing positive for COVID-19. He missed the biggest event of his character’s on screen life. Talk about timing.

Boaz said in his original Instagram post that he got the news on Christmas Eve. Ouch! Really? They couldn’t wait until Monday? He also said in the post– which was subsequently edited– that “4 or 5 contract players” would be let go because of the expense of COVID testing at the studio.

That may not be true.

Boaz wrote: “I’d love to say that this was my choice, that I’ve booked the next big project and [am] leaving of my own accord… but that wouldn’t be the truth.” In the original post, he added: “I invested a year of my life into a storyline and didn’t get to see it through.”

His character will just not be seen on screen for a while. He was told he wouldn’t be replaced. But it’s likely we’ll see a new Chance in a couple of months.

Several fans responded that Boaz’s right wing Republican leanings, his support of Donald Trump after the election, and so on led to his dismissal. They were not unhappy about it, just surprised by the abruptness. CBS will never admit that, if it’s true. But the star of “The Young and the Restless,” Eric Braeden, is a staunch liberal, and has been adamant about in his criticism of Trump and his cronies. Most of the cast has been, as well. Boaz was raised in Texas on football and beer. It’s a shame to discover he was a MAGA. But if so, it couldn’t have been an easy time on set.


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