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It’s only seven weeks since Eric Clapton foolishly released his recording of a Van Morrison song called “Stand and Deliver.”

It was not an anthem for Uber Eats. The song decries the lockdown in the UK and Ireland, urging everyone to go back to clubs to hear live music.

Morrison, who has unwisely gotten involved in questioning the validity of COVID regulations, has heart in the right place but his head up his you know what. His song compares the lockdown to slavery. Really.

Morrison remains committed to the cause. He’s backed a lawsuit against the government of Northern Ireland over their “blanket ban” on live performances. On Twitter, Morrison says: “There were some very misleading stories in the press in recent days. For clarity, the legal action refers to allowing musicians to legally return to work once lockdowns are lifted and once it is safe to do so.”

But that makes no sense. When the lockdowns are over, everyone will return to work.

Interestingly, Clapton has remained mum about the legal action. He’s also cleaned his social media of all reference to it, also, after enduring proper criticism. His Instagram and Facebook pages are absent any sign of “Stand and Deliver,” and his website makes zero mention of it. It’s as if the whole thing never happened.

Of course, “Stand and Deliver” remains on YouTube and on streaming services. But no one really cares. The two YouTube videos have  a combined roughly 500,000 views, which ain’t much in terms of pop music. Actual sales are nil — less than 4,000 including streaming since December 4, 2020. There’s still time for Clapton to repurpose the song for Uber Eats!

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