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Yes, people are fighting to get on a Zoom call this Saturday. It’s the first of Clive Davis’s two pre-Grammy events. Usually Clive throws his party at the Beverly Hilton on the night before the Grammys– which was supposed to be this coming weekend.

But the Grammys moved to March 13th because of the pandemic. So Clive’s having two parties via Zoom, and the first one is this Saturday at 8pm. When the party is live in Los Angeles, the crush to get an invite is overwhelming. So now, the crush is going crazy to get in on this Zoom call. Unbelievable.

This Saturday, the program will be part live and part taped. Davis will be interviewing a bunch of rock stars, show past performances from his blockbuster parties, and performances no one has ever seen. The artists involved include Bruce Springsteen, Rod Stewart, Sean Combs, Jamie Foxx, Alicia Keys, Barry Gibb, Earth Wind & Fire, Gladys Knight, Jennifer Hudson and John Legend.

At least.

On the call, if you can get on, will be Cher, Tony Bennett, Dionne Warwick, Joe Walsh, Martina Navritilova, Ben Platt, the aforementioned Rod Stewart, plus Nancy Pelosi, Cardi B, Offset, Quincy Jones, Megan Thee Stallion, Cyndi Lauper and H.E.R. Nancy Pelosi, you ask? She and her husband, Paul, come every year, and they are always my favorite guests.  I also totally expect Joni Mitchell, who loves this party, and the great record producer Richard Perry. My fear is that — since it’s all virtual– the number of celebs will be frightening.

More to come, as they say, because Clive is going to break Zoom with this thing. And then he’s going to do it again on March 13th.

Can I send you a link? No. Clive’s head of security, Bill Mancini, will come and break my computer if I try it!


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